Have Fun this summer with our colourful leather collections!

  • Kind

    Pink is a colour of kindness, of
    femininity, of warmth. We hope our pink collection inspires you with a warm, calm and comforting feeling. Our styles are full of hidden benefits to be kind to your feet.

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  • Energy

    Yellow is our energy colour. It's vibrant and fresh and an absolute reminder of the warm summer sun. Yellow is a colour that makes us smile and we hope our yellow collection makes you smile.

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  • Confidence

    Blue is our confidence colour. The nature of blue evokes peace, calm and confidence. Feel confident and enjoy your best life in our blue collection.

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  • Creative

    Orange is our colour of creativity. It's mixes the energy and fun of yellow with the passion of red and with this we create beautiful vibrant collections. Enjoy our orange collection!

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  • Sustainable

    For us green represents sustainable. We use soft leathers sourced from LWG Gold rated factories so we know that they are more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Take a look at our
    collection of green styles.

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  • Pride

    Purple is our colour of pride. It mixes the energy of red with the spirituality of blue to create a feeling of fulfilment and harmony. We are proud of our collections that fuse together both style and comfort.

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