Our Story

Adesso has belonged to our family business West Midland Shoe Company Limited for some years, but not as you see it today!

I have spent the last few years really engaged in my own personal self-development. After bringing three beautiful girls into the world
over the last 5 years with my husband I wanted to make sure that I was enjoying each and every
moment and that I was as happy and grounded a person as I could be to help them blossom and grow, and so, the journey started.

I realised along the way that life throws us some amazing opportunities and
most of the time it is the simplest and smallest things that are the very best
and create the happiest memories.

This led me to develop Adesso into an inspirational brand.

One created around 6 colour traits; Kindness, Confidence, Energy, Creativity,
Sustainability and Pride.

A brand to embolden you to be the best version of yourself.

A brand that supports you to make the most of each and every day.

A brand that not only looks great but has so many hidden benefits inside each style that your feet feel amazing too!

Adesso is more than just footwear, it is a statement of self-expression, of liberation, of character to embrace the opportunities of life.

I would love for it to promote, to provoke and to revitalise your sense of adventure just as it does for me.

Welcome to our colourful world!