Why Our Leather Trainers Are Exceptional

Why Our Leather Trainers Are Exceptional

Why Our Leather Trainers Are Exceptional!

Our leather trainers redefine style and comfort, proving that fashion footwear can be anything but mundane and need not rely on synthetic materials.

As we created our athleisure trainer collection, our primary goal was to make them captivating - because at Adesso dull simply is not in our DNA. Equally important was ensuring they were crafted from our signature Leather Working Group (LWG) gold –rated leathers, known for their luxurious softness and paired with ample cushioning for unparalleled comfort.

The outcome? A range of trainers in a spectrum of colours to suit any palette, brimming with comfort-enhancing features:
  • Cushioned leather in-socks: crafted from soft squishy sponge and topped with our super soft leather it feels like walking on air with every step.
  • Super Soft Leather Upper: ensuring that your feet breathe throughout the day. Whether we like to admit it or not all of our feet have sweat glands and when they get hot, we perspire from our feet. When wearing leather it is a natural breathable material, which means it helps some of the moisture created in our feet evaporate and helps keep our feet drier and healthier. The leather also moulds to your feet to create a pair just for you. Leather is both durable and luxurious. Our leathers all come from LWG gold rated tanneries, which means the tanneries are audited for sustainable and moral practices. Keep an eye on our next blog post for more details on this.
  • All of our trainer styles have lace fastenings, which means they are adjustable for the perfect fit. Laces come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and our laces are picked for efficacy. The laces are carefully selected to be easy to unlace when necessary but also the right lace that they stay tight when on your feet. We tend to choose flat laces as opposed to round laces as these are much more likely to stay firm once tied. Where we have chosen a round lace for aesthetics for a particular style they are tested to make sure they do not easily unravel when on the foot.
  • A Cushioned Collar provides support and softness around the ankle.
  • A TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) Sole. These soles offer the benefits of both PU and Rubber. They are durable and flexible. Durability gives the wearer peace of mind that their favourite shoes can withstand much wear and tear. Flexibility means that the shoe is able to flex with the foot and make for a much more comfortable walking experience. TPR also has excellent shock absorbing properties, which help to disperse the pressure of walking away from the joints.
  • Vibrant and Fresh Appearance: making a statement wherever you go. This makes a great fashion statement but also helps stimulate endorphins in our brain which in turn makes us feel happy. When we feel happy, we attract more happiness, helping you live your best life.

How to Style Our Trainers:

Our bold colour choices, though vibrant, can complement a simple outfit by adding a pop of brightness or can seamlessly blend with prints by accentuating key colours or providing a striking contrast.


The beauty of our colourful trainers lies in their versatility. Whether you are new to embracing colour or simply a bit hesitant, adding a splash of colour to your feet is an effortless way to infuse your style with your favourite hues.

Why not try picking out your favourite colour on your favourite top. Combining it with a simple straight leg jean or a Capri pant. You can then team that colour with your shoes to make a great colour statement. Alternatively, you could wear all black, all navy, or all pink for example and pick a contrast colour for your feet. This really makes your feet pop and adds an exciting edge to your look. Using a simple colour wheel can really help you pick a colour that works with other colours and creates a different look.

And if you've been wearing our trainers, we invite you to share your experience. Your first-hand insights can help inspire other wearers and give other women confidence to step out in something striking and creative.

Looking ahead, our next blog will delve into what the LWG certification means for our leathers. In the subsequent edition, we will explore the fascinating connection between colour and its impact on the brain.

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